Pioneros: Building Cuba’s Socialist Childhood is a project partially funded by a grant from New Challenge, a fund for student social innovation from The New School, and the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center of Parsons School of Design/The New School. The Department of Sociology of the New School for Social Research, and the Department of Foreign Languages of The New School for Public Engagement also contributed with funds.

Armando Álvarez, Ernesto Fumero, José Quiroga, Yuneikys Villalonga, Vanessa Vallejo and Alfredo Alfonso-Garciarena, Alysa Nahmias, Sara Terry, Arelys Rivero, María L. Pérez, Reina Fernández and Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Juan Carlos García, Laura Blanco, Eida and Enrique del Risco, Valerie, Billy Kelly, Albert Laguna, Ivette Leyva, Mabel Cuesta, Verónica Cervera, and other anonymous bakers contributed with the crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo.

The Cabrera Arús and Arús Caraballo families, the Barreto Querol family, the Suquet Martínez family, Janet Vega Espinosa, Sergio Valdés, Gerardo Fernández Fe, Enrique-José Varona, Eida and Enrique del Risco, María L. Pérez, Walfrido Dorta, Anna Veltfort, Cecilia Garciarena, and Marie Laux donated or lent some of the objects exhibited.

María Paula Gómez Cabrera was a disciplined model, translator, and copy-editor.

Armando Tejuca sent the copy of Good Bye, Lollek exhibited. Ariana Hernández-Reguant, Sandra Álvarez, Manuel Zayas, Isis Sadek, and Alejandro Barreras brainstormed during the movie selection.

Iraida H. López and Frances Gallardo donated old color photo films.

Arelys Rivero, Ernesto Hernández Busto, Ted Henken, and Carlos A. Aguilera shared digital images.

Ariella and Pamela Fuchs corrected and edited the wall texts and labels.

Rogelio A. López traveled to Cuba in a last-minute trip to bring part of the stuff that was retained there.

Ariana Barat generously offered to silkscreen the exhibition poster.

Special thanks to Radhika Subramaniam, director of the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center of Parsons School of Design/The New School, and Kristina Kaufman, Daisy Wong, Daniel Chou, and Darcy Bender; to Raúl Rubio, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages at The New School for Public Engagement; to Andrew Arato, Chair of the Department of Sociology at the New School for Social Research; and to María Werlau, director of the Free Society Project.